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Department of Physics


Seminar Accelerator physics and synchrotron radiation; applications in solid state physics:

Seminar times:

  • Tuesdays 14:00 - 15:30 in the DELTA seminar room.

Current seminar schedule with times, lectures and topics

The program can be found here

Type of event:

Seminar for students of physics in the master's program and staff.

Content of the event:

Lectures followed by discussion will cover current problems in the generation and application of synchrotron radiation. Topics include methods in solid state physics in the range of soft to hard X-rays and for surface modification and analysis to accelerator physics topics with respect to the generation of high energy electron beams and synchrotron radiation using radiation generators.

The seminar takes place as a joint event of the chairs Experimental Physics I and Accelerator Physics. The topics are strongly oriented towards problems of the Dortmund electron storage ring facility DELTA. This facility on the campus of the University of Dortmund is a local synchrotron radiation source with 1.5 GeV electron energy. and radiation generators in the soft (undulator 250, undulator U55) and hard X-ray region (superconducting wiggler).

Students who wish to earn their seminar credit by giving a seminar lecture will receive priority regarding lecture times.

Module final exam

The module degree is obtained by an independent lecture in the seminar.