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Department of Physics
Bachelor theses

Topics to be assigned

The topics to be assigned are aimed at physicists as well as medical physicists.

If you are interested, please contact Christian Sternemann or Michael Paulus.

Small-angle X-ray scattering from proteins in solution

Investigation of protein at interfaces by means of X-ray reflectivity

Investigation of structure-forming liquids by means of X-ray diffraction

Instrumentation projects at the beamlines BL2 and BL9 of the synchrotron radiation source DELTA

Spectroscopic investigations of transition metal compounds

Characterization of functional coatings by X-ray diffraction

Commissioning and characterization of a liquid jet

Completed work

Temperature dependence of supramolecular structure in branched hexanols.

Small angle scattering on lysozyme solutions

Viscosity measurements on PEG protein solutions

Investigation of radiation damage to proteins in solution

Structure of polymerized ionic liquids

Protein adsorption at interfaces

Investigation of pressure-induced phase transitions

The study of ion-surfactant interaction at the liquid-gas interface

Influence of PEG on the dynamics of pressure-induced phase transition of monoolein

Determination of the density of mixtures of long-chain alcohols - Supramolecular structure formation

BSA under the influence of perfluorodecalin at the water/air interface

Gas adsorption on charged lipid monolayers

Influence of polymer size on pressure-dependent phase behavior in nanoparticle-polymer solutions

Investigation of surfactant-ion interactions at a liquid-gas interface

Protein adsorption at the liquid-gas interface: the influence of MgCl2 on the adsorption behavior of BSA on DPPA longmuir films.

Pressure-induced phase separation in highly concentrated lysozyme solutions.

Phase separation: influence of osmolytes

Attachment of ions to lipid membranes

Protein-gas interaction at lipid membranes

Surface tension at the liquid-gas interface

Gas adsorption at hydrophobic interfaces

Structure of vulcanized fiber

Protein adsorption

Influence of CTAB at interfaces

Structural analysis of titanium dioxide layers on Si wafers by X-ray reflectometry and X-ray diffraction

Further development of the tomography setup at BL2

Investigation of photosensitive lipid films

Influence of ibuprofen on lipid membranes

Influence of Ficol on phase separation in protein solutions

Protein denaturation

Investigation of implants by SEM

Structure formation of linear alcohols

Temperature-induced structure formation of monohydroxy alcohols

Investigation of lipid membranes on silicon by AFM

Influence of PEG on phase separation in protein solutions

Investigation of titanium implants by X-ray diffraction

Density measurements of aqueous solutions by absorption spectroscopy

Investigation of steel implants by X-ray diffraction


Analysis of the mode of action of cold sprays.

Protein denaturation on surfaces: The influence of guanidinium chloride

Crowding in protein solutions

Liquid-liquid phase transition in protein solutions with guanidinium chloride

Structure of Teflon particles

Glass-forming alcohols: investigations using X-ray reflectivity

X-ray tomography on BL1

The influence of different salts on adsorption behavior

Adsorption in soy/salt systems

Structure bonding of alcohols: investigation of the glass transition by X-ray diffraction

Analysis of emission spectra of geologically relevant glasses

Light scattering from nanoparticles

Nanoparticles at the interface

Protein adsorption on lipid membranes under the influence of cholesterol

Adsorption of ribonuclease A under lipid membranes

Temperature dependence of the structure formation of monohydroxy alcohols

Emulsifiers at liquid-gas interfaces

The adsorption of soy proteins at the liquid-gas interface

The adsorption of salt ions on lipid membranes

Phase separation at lysozyme/TMAO systems

Tomography at the beam line BL1

Measurement of the radiation spectrum at the beamline BL1 tomography

Setup of an X-ray tomography experiment at the beam line BL1

Protein adsorption under lipid membranes containing cholesterol

Protein adsorption in the presence of thiocyanates

Apolipoproteins at interfaces

X-ray reflectivity studies on lipid monolayers with different cholesterol concentrations.

Light scattering from highly concentrated suspensions of particles and proteins

Protein adsorption at the liquid-air interface in the presence of NaNO3

Influence of cholesterol on lipid membranes at the liquid-gas interface

X-ray reflectivity studies on lipid monolayers with different cholesterol concentrations

Adsorption of lysozyme on behenic acid films in the presence of sodium chloride

Investigation of the pressure-dependent phase behavior of highly concentrated protein solutions

The behavior of various emulsifiers at the liquid-gas interface

The supramolecular structure of mixtures of long-chain alcohols

Characterization of thin gold films on silicon surfaces

Gas adsorption on a lipid monolayer

Hydrophobic nanoparticles at the liquid-gas interface

Investigation of magnetic nanoparticles at the water-air interface

Topology determination of the different domains of hemocyanin of Sepia officinalis (MPI).

Electron microscopic investigation of hemocyanin from Carcinus maenas (MPI)


Construction of a sample environment to determine the temperature dependence of the lattice constant of quantum dot samples at beamline BL9 at DELTA.

Adsorption of silver nanoparticles on lipid membranes

Setup of an energy calibration at the beamline BL9

Commissioning of the optical components of the beamline ID20 at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility

Nanoparticle adsorption on biological model membranes

Setup of a powder scattering apparatus at beamline BL9

X-ray investigations on temperature-treated materials

Qualitative phase analysis of nanoparticles using powder X-ray diffraction

Preparation and characterization of thin polymer films on silicon substrates

Investigation of the adsorption of gas molecules on a liquid surface using the example of the gycerin-propane system

Field of teaching

The Millikan experiment

Investigation of the randomness of selected soccer and handball Bundesliga clubs

Spectroscopy of everyday light sources

Speed of light


Scanning sample microscopy in high school

Rocket flight simulation

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