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Department of Physics
Master theses

Topics to be assigned

The topics to be assigned are aimed at physicists as well as medical physicists.

If you are interested, please contact Christian Sternemann or Michael Paulus.

Small-angle X-ray scattering from proteins

Protein adsorption on membranes

Pressure jump experiments on biological systems

Investigation of the supramolecular structure of long-chain alcohols

Structure formation in novel sustainable lubricants

Instrumentation projects at the beamlines BL2 and BL9 of the synchrotron radiation source DELTA

Spectroscopic investigations of transition metal compounds

Characterization of functional coatings by X-ray diffraction

Setup and commissioning of a liquid jet for sample injection: Transient absorption on solutions of transition metal complexes

Master and diploma theses

Completed work

Sarah Dinkelacker-Steinhoff: Structure of haplobaslate glasses under pressure.

Michelle Dargazs: Pressure-dependent protein-protein interactions in aqueous protein solutions.

Gordon Scholz: Small-angle X-ray scattering from apoferritin and ferritin and the pressure-dependent phase behavior of lysozyme.

Jaqueline Savelkouls: Investigation of the pressure-dependent phase behavior of lipid and protein systems

Dominik Birkwald: Absorption behavior of proteins at interfaces under the influence of perfluorocarbon

Alexander Faulstich: Investigation of the temperature behavior of structure-forming alcohols

Bastian Kosfeld: Protein-lipid interaction at the liquid-gas interface

Nicola Thiering: The electronic structure of transition metal oxides under pressure

Marvin Kowalski: Investigation of protein-protein interaction as a function of different salts

Christopher Cewe: Aggregation behavior of hiAPP and A-beta in interaction with resistin on Langmuir films.

Alina Sparenberg: Investigation of ion adsorption at the solid-liquid interface by X-ray reflectometry.

Kristina Berger: Investigation of the surface structure of titanium implants for osteosynthesis by X-ray diffraction.

Kevin Lehninger: Setup of a von Hamos spectrometer for X-ray emission and X-ray Raman scattering at the beamline BL9 of DELTA

Eric Schneider: The influence of defoamers on the structure of lipid membranes at the liquid-gas interface

Jasmin Nüßer: Influence of gases on protein adsorption at liquid-gas interfaces.

Marc Moron: The study of pressure-induced phase transitions of nanoparticle-polymer solutions.

Mike Moron: The influence of defoamers on the structure of lipid membranes at the liquid-gas interface.

Sebastian Leese: X-ray depth lithography for large area exposures at beamline BL1 at DELTA.

Fatima Mallal: Investigation of the authenticity of a Bach portrait using X-ray fluorescence and X-ray diffraction.

Jan Nysar: Modernization and commissioning of the beamline BL2 of DELTA for the establishment of a microtomography experiment

Angela Szustol: Commissioning of a tomography experiment at the beamline BL 2 at DELTA

Jan Latarius: Small angle x-ray scattering on different proteins under hydrostatic pressure

Robin Sakrowski: Hydrogen storage in complex boron hydrides

Christian Albers: Gas adsorption at interfaces

Florian Otte: Simulation methods at synchrotron beamlines

Mirko Elbers: Investigation of the local structure of aqueous salt solutions at high hydrostatic pressures by X-ray absorption spectroscopy

Jennifer Bolle: Setup of an X-ray deep lithography system at the beamline BL1 at DELTA

Göran Surmeier: Cholesterol-containing lipid membranes under pressure

Nico König: Characterization of human immunoglobulin G antibodies using small-angle x-ray scattering

Hendrik Rahmann: Influence of a PEI protective layer on hydrogen storage in boron hydrides

Susanne Dogan: Protein adsorption at interfaces

Johannes Bieker: X-ray analysis of electromechanical couplings in ferroelectric crystals

Karin Julius: The structure of aqueous salt solutions under pressure

Benedikt Nowak: Lipid membranes under pressure: studies at the solid-liquid interface.

Sergius Janik: Construction of a system for temperature-dependent investigation of sample systems using X-ray diffraction.

Sergej Schneider: Identification of phases and phase transitions in the preparation of [Nd/Pr]2Fe14B permanent magnets by X-ray diffraction at DELTA

Simon Wulle: Intermolecular interaction potentials in dense protein solutions under high hydrostatic pressures

Christopher Weis: Setup and commissioning of a laser ruby fluorescence-based pressure measurement system and its application to observe the pressure-induced spin transition of FeS by X-ray Raman spectroscopy

Yuri Nyrov: The local structure of supercooled water

Matthias Kampmann: Adsorption of apolipoprotein at interfaces

Jan Verwohlt: Hydrophobic interfaces: The adsorption of emulsifiers and proteins

Simon Kujawski: Hydrogen storage in complex hydrides

Julian Schulze: Investigation of the water structure as well as the interaction strength of nanoparticles at high hydrostatic pressures using X-ray scattering.

Thomas Büning: Influence of temperature and pressure on the supramolecular structure of long-chain alcohols.

Holger Göhring: The influence of salts on the adsorption behavior of lysozyme

Friederike Giebel: Gas adsorption at liquid-gas interfaces

Inge Brinkmann: The structure of 2- and 3-dimensional SiO and GeO networks.

Frank Hommes: Investigation of the CO2-induced phase transition of organometallic networks by X-ray diffraction

Karin Rüster: Influence of the quenching & partitioning process on the austenite content of steels by X-ray diffraction

Sebastian Holz: Investigation of gas adsorption by means of X-ray reflectivity.

Florian Wirkert: Setup of an apparatus for scattering under grazing incidence at beam line BL9 at DELTA

Alexander Schwamberger: Temperature-induced nanocrystal formation in SiGeO

Alexander Nyrow: Temperature-induced phase separation and formation of nanocrystals in SiGeO.

Ingo Steinke: Structure formation of THF hydrate

Johannes Möller: Structural investigation of iron oxide nanoparticles by small angle X-ray scattering

Steffen Bieder: Formation of magnetite nanoparticles at the liquid/gas interface

Alexej Herdt: Development of a setup for absorption spectroscopy using a YB66 monochromator and the beamline BL8 of DELTA

Andre Steffen: Structural investigations on cobalt and cobalt-diamond materials

Anne Hüseken: Protein adsorption on hydrophobic surfaces

Florian Wieland: Structural analysis of metal-organic networks

Heiko Conrad: Tetrahydrofuran clathrate hydrate formation studied by x-ray Raman scattering

Omid M. Feroughi: Temperature induced phase separation in SiO

Sebastian Tiemeyer: Protein adsorption on Langmuir films

Thorsten Brenner: Adsorption of nanoparticles at interfaces

Christoph J. Sahle: Disproportionation and crystallization of masive amorphous germanium monoxide.

Eugen Gaus: Implementation of spatially resolved detectors at the measuring stations D8 and Beamline BL9

Florian Evers: In-situ high-energy X-ray reflection experiments to study protein adsorption at solid-liquid interfaces

Martin Schroer: Small-angle X-ray scattering on the protein staphylococcal nuclease and its mutants

Andreas Schacht: Investigation of the disproportionation of massive amorphous germanium monooxide.

Daniela Lietz: High energy reflectometry at solid-gas and solid-liquid interfaces

Jennifer Schulz: Press-in technique for 1mm printed circuit boards (external at Hella KGaA Hueck & Co Lippstadt)

Saskia Schmacke: Subphase and temperature dependent (2D) ordering in lipid monolayers

Felix Lehmkühler: Structural investigations at liquid-gas interfaces

Christina Krywka: Development and setup of an apparatus for diffraction under grazing incidence at liquid surfaces.

Henning Sternemann: Fluctuations of polymer surfaces: 2D-XPCS in surface geometry

Jan Catoir: Silicon nitride coating by cathode sputtering of crystalline silicon solar cells (external, Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems Freiburg)

Kaveh Shokuie: Investigations of ultrathin alkane films on silicon by X-ray reflectometry.

Lutz Wiegart: Thermodynamic and structural properties of lipid monolayers on sol surfaces (external, ESRF Grenoble)

Simone Streit: The interfacial structure of water-glycerol mixtures

Abderrahim Nabbache: Improvement of a sample environment for X-ray scattering measurements on liquids.

Markus Krämer: Structure and dynamics of gold clusters on thin polymer films: investigations with coherent X-rays

Micheal Heß: Setup of a powder scattering apparatus at DELTA for the investigation of hexa-halo palladata

Robert Fendt: Structural investigations on thin liquid films

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