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Department of Physics
Professorship for Experimental Physics – X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy

Group Westphal

We, the research group of Prof. Dr. Westphal, investigate structural and electronic properties of thin film systems on the atomic scale of metal and semiconductor surfaces and interfaces using electron scattering experiments.

Using various preparation methods, we produce both low-dimensional structures and layer systems. Their electronic and chemical properties and structure are sensitive to minimal changes in, for example, the layer thickness, which we can precisely control down to a fraction of an atomic layer.

We use various methods for investigation. At the university's own 1.5 GeV electron storage ring DELTA, we use a dedicated beamline and the subsequent UHV chamber for XPS and XPD measurements with soft X-rays. In addition to the high-intensity monochromatized undulator radiation, a helium lamp and an X-ray tube are also available. Furthermore, we use scanning tunneling and atomic force microscopy at room and cryogenic temperatures, as well as low-energy electron diffraction for structure elucidation.