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Department of Physics

Work to be awarded

For more information please contact Christian Sternemann or Michael Paulus.

Current work

Gordon Scholz Planetary matter at high pressure and high temperature
Jaqueline Savelkouls  
Nicola Thiering Electronic and local atomic structure of iron bearing minerals and glasses at conditions of the Earth's mantle
Eric Schneider Characterization of coatings by X-ray diffraction and X-ray spectroscopy
Kevin Lehninger Development of high pressure cells for X-ray scattering at high pressures
Christian Albers Tetracarbonate formation at conditions of the lower Earth's mantle
Robin Sakrowski Spin state and local structure of bridgmanite at high pressure and temperature
Mike Moron Structure formation at solid-liquid interfaces
Manuel Harder Time-resolved spectroscopy with a von-Hamos spectrometer
Marc Moron XPCS on concentrated protein solutions

Completed work

Florian Otte: Resonant and non-resonant X-ray emission studies on cobalt bis(o-dioxolene) valence tautomers.

Jennifer Bolle: Investigation of the microstructure of self-associating liquids using the example of monohydroxy alcohols

Mirko Elbers: The microscopic structure of water at extreme conditions

Göran Surmeier: Influence of viral fusion peptides, cellular solutes and cholesterol on the structure of lipid membranes

Susanne Dogan: In-situ analysis of the influence of gases and ions on biological interfaces

Karin Julius: Impact of Organic Osmolytes and Crowding on the Protein-Protein Interaction at High Pressures - A Small-Angle X-ray Scattering Study(Download).

Christopher Weis: Investigation of structural and electronic phase transitions of geologically relevant sample systems at extreme pressures using XRS and XES(Download)

Yury Forov: X-ray studies on adsorption processes at solid-liquid interfaces and ultrafast dynamics in water(Download)

Karin Esch: X-ray diffraction on paper and volcanic fiber(Download)

Julian Schulze: The phase behavior of colloidal systems under pressure(Download)

Holger Göhring: Structural investigation of the impact of magnetostriction on GaMnAs thin film lattices and the thermal expansion of (In,Ga)As/GaAs quantum dots(Download)

Paul Salmen: X-ray reflectometry at the hydrophobic solid-liquid interface(Download)

Thomas Büning: Supramolecular structure of monohydroxy alcohols(Download)

Florian Wirkert: The hydrophobic solid-liquid interface under high hydrostatic pressure(Download).

Alexander Nyrow: Iron containing compounds of the inner Earth: X-ray Raman scattering from ambient to extreme conditions(Download)

Johannes Möller: Liquid-liquid phase separation and intermolecular interactions in dense protein solutions(Download)

Steffen Bieder: Structure formation at the interface between aqueous salt solutions and organic solvents(Download)

Irena Kiesel: In-situ investigation of proteins at interfaces using surface sensitive X-ray scattering methods(Download)

Andre Steffen: Structural investigation of diamond composites(Download)

Florian D.C. Wieland: Formation of organic and inorganic thin films at the aqueous solution-gas interface(Download)

Sebastian Tiemeyer: Lattice expansion in optically excited InAs/GaAs quantum dots(Download)

Martin Schroer: Small angle X-ray scattering studies on proteins under extreme conditions(Download)

Christoph J. Sahle: Temperature and pressure induced changes in the local atomic and electronic structure of complex materials(Download)

Daniela Lietz: A new deep x-ray lithography beamline at DELTA - Setup and performance - (Download)

Felix Lehmkühler: Formation of clathrates hydrates: An x-ray scattering study(Download)

Florian Evers: Proteins at interfaces - Protein adsorption studied by X-ray and neutron reflectometry(Download)

Lars Böwer: Structure of the liquid/gas interface(Download)

Saskia Schmacke: Aging of polyethylene components(Download)

Kaveh Shokuie: In situ investigation of adsorbed protein films at solid-liquid interfaces by high energy X-ray reflectometry(Download).

Christina Krywka: A setup for small-angle x-ray scattering on protein solutions at the synchrotron radiation source DELTA(Download)

Henning Sternemann: A non-resonant inelastic x-ray scattering study on silicon oxides and clathrates(Download)

Lutz Wiegart: Low temperature self-assembly of organic monolayers(Download)

Robert Fendt: Investigation of the dynamics of liquid surfaces with coherent X-ray scattering(Download)

Simone Streit: Surface structure and dynamics of supercooled polymer melts and metal-polymer nanocomposites(Download)

Martin Volmer: Compton Scattering on Complex Materials - an investigation on the electronic structure of alkali-metal doped Si-clathrates(Download)

Michael Paulus: X-ray Scattering at Liquid-Gas Interfaces(Download)

Tuana Ghaderi: X-ray Intensity Correlation Spectroscopy from Fluid Surfaces: Theory and Experiment(Download)

Martin Zimmermann: Advanced analysis techniques for x-ray reflectivities: Theory and application (external at Bruker-AXS)(Download)

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